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Oral Health Care

You brush your teeth, floss daily and visit the dentist at least twice a year. As far as you’re concerned, your oral health is under control. But there’s more to oral health than protecting those pearly whites, and your habits may put you at risk for tooth decay, gingivitis and other more serious diseases.

Now is your chance to learn more, take control and save with MySmileGuide. Create your own personal oral health record, track the oral health of your family and get more from your dental checkup visits with this easy-to-maneuver tool. All of your information is securely stored in one location for your convenience. Our insightful articles and helpful tips will educate and assist you and your family in all aspects of your oral health from brushing to braces, dentures and beyond.

MySmileGuide Interactive Features


Our age and gender specific questionnaires will help you identify habits and other factors that may put you at risk for oral and general health problems. Consider how diet, nutrition, common medications and lifestyle choices impact your oral health. Take our dental visit checklist with you next time you schedule an appointment. When you enter your dentist’s findings into your personal health record, it will generate additional advice based on your dentist’s examination.


Each questionnaire generates a detailed report with advice and related resources based on your answers and the findings of your dentist. Take an active role in your health when you read up on your current conditions and potential risks.


MySmileGuide helps you track your oral health and the oral health of your family with email reminders based on your level of risk. When you complete questionnaires and add data to your record, our software generates reports and schedules follow-up. With your busy life, it’s easy to let problems go untreated. Our reminder system will encourage you to stay on top of your oral health.

You will also receive reminders for routine dental visits and MySmileGuide follow-up assessments.

Educational Resources

Get the basics on braces, cavities, retainers and more with MySmileGuide’s educational resources. Based on your personal data, MySmileGuide offers resources targeted to you and your family. These topics will address current risks and offer preventative advice based on your age and gender. Teen and pre-teen years can present a challenge for any parent, but their teeth shouldn't be a source of tension. Our targeted articles will help you tackle oral piercings, fluoride treatment, teeth whitening and simple tactics for maintaining their oral health.

Cut Your Costs

Cut out unnecessary oral healthcare costs simply by staying informed. An educated consumer is more likely to practice good oral hygiene habits and identify potential problems early on. Since your personal record tracks your oral health history, you will be able to identify changes in your risks as they occur.

Protect Your Overall Health

Did you know that poor oral health is linked to common chronic health concerns such as bleeding gums, dental bone loss and bad breath? Research has found that poor oral health can contribute to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, decreased immunity and pneumonia. For these reasons, you need to know where you and your family may be at risk. MySmileGuide will not only help you assess current risks, it will also help you monitor your family’s risks as they change over time.

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Services are not available to purchase in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont and Utah.

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